Yotsuha- Gasless & cross-chain interface

Yotsuha- Gasless & cross-chain interface

User and developer friendly NFT bridge.Users can bridge NFT without paying for gas across multiple chains. We enable developers to use multiple messaging protocols with a common interface.

The problem Yotsuha- Gasless & cross-chain interface solves

There are two challenges: the user's problem and the developer's issue.

Gas prices are a serious problem for mass adoption. Now, lots of people can easily get NFT even if they don't have a crypto. However, if they cannot pay for gas, they cannot take advantage of the utility of NFT.

Developers also have problems with cross-chain development. Each cross-chain messaging protocol has a different interface, so each must be implemented by reading the docs, which is time-consuming.

Challenges we ran into

・The SDK that was released was out of date and did not work properly. We implemented a new SDK by actually contacting the app operator.

・Figuring out different protocols and establshinng a common synergy among them to resolve isses.

. Making sure the UX/UI is simple and intuitive enough for users to use our platform and get their assets transferred.