Gana P.

I'm an entrepreneur and product enthusiast, I bootstrapped my first startup an ecommerce SAAS company and sold it when life became repetitive and I wanted to do a 0-1 company. My skills are product design, product management, and navigating through existential crisis at a startup and keeping the company alive.


Yotsuha- Gasless & cross-chain interface

User and developer friendly NFT bridge.Users can bridge NFT without paying for gas across multiple chains. We enable developers to use multiple messaging protocols with a common interface.Solidity, JavaScript, Next.js, Connext, TypeScript, Biconomy SDK, Polygon, Hyperlane, Valist, moonbeam


Product Management
Blockchain Development
UI/UX Designing


  • Mercemur Private Limited - Founder/CTO
    January 2021 - October 2022

    Founded the company, Designed and Built the product, and sold the co when life became repetitive.