Yield Chaser

Get notified about newest yield farms with the highest APYs

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Last updated: 08 August 2021 03:47 PM

Minor updates#1

The problem Yield Chaser solves

  • Manually jumping from one platform to another for tracking newest yield farms is simply gruelling 😫
  • Currently, there is no way through which one can track the newest yield farms 🙅
  • For any yield farmer the early they enter a farm the more returns they yield 💸

How does Yield Chaser solves this?

  1. Choose assets on Yield Chaser 👆
  2. Subscribe to the EPNS Channel 📲
  3. Get notified about newest yield Farms 🤑

We accomplish this by monitoring popular AMM's for LP's, Lending Protocols, and staking services over Ethereum and Polygon blockchain using The Graph.

Challenges we ran into

Around Ethereum Push Notification Service(EPNS)

  • Due to limitations around documentation, there was no way other than to reaching out to the folks at EPNS.
  • While implementing the notification service, we had to go through EPNS backend SDK code to resolve some of the issues, and in some places we even had to hit and try 😅
  • Setting up EPNS was a bit tough to get started with, but eventually got to the point where we were able to send EPNS notifications to our web3 users. ✅
  • Kudos to folks at EPNS for being responsive with every query we had during the hackathon 🙌

Around Yield Farms

  • Spotting relevant subgraphs for various yield farms was challenging due lack of resources and discoverability 🔍
  • Finding an optimal way to list and sort yield farms according to their age was a bit difficult since every protocol has its information structured in different way which is very inconsistent.