World Ticket

World Ticket

By applying World ID, only authenticated fans can book one ticket per person, preventing overpricing and reselling of tickets. This ultimately enables the protection of artists and consumers.

The problem World Ticket solves


  1. Ticket Reselling
  • Damages fans through unreasonably high prices and companies due to improper distribution. This could hinder healthy communication between fans and creators/companies. When concert prices rise due to illegal reselling (by up to 50 times, for instance), fans can't afford to attend the concerts, leading to improper distribution of tickets.
  1. Excessive Commission by brokage websites
  • Major ticketing site (like as 'Ticketmaster' charges between 15~25%) mediate concert ticket sales at such high costs.
  1. Solution

    • Solve the reselling issue that inevitably happens during concert ticket sales through nft ticketing. Fans are willing to make an effort to access and purchase nft tickets. This shows their strong desire to attend the concerts they want, which naturally leads to mass adoption.
    • By making it easy for fans to access and purchase nft tickets via a World ID and allowing them to pay with real money, we can facilitate the use of World Coin and foster mass adoption into the World Coin Web 3.0 world. Nft tickets should be encouraged to be sold and traded
  2. Advantage

    1. To Fans
    • Purchase tickets at reasonable prices

    • Join a community of fans

    • Due to verification through World ID, a private fan club community for holders is available here. They can check their membership and membership grades, encouraging them to show off their nfts.

    1. To Artist/Company
    • Get memberships (and expand marketing)
    • Communicate directly with fans
    • Vip, Gold, Silver, member grades
    • Upgrade the possibility of getting the next concert ticket for nft holders
  3. Business Model

  1. Nft Sales Commission Rate (a rate of around 10% could be feasible through market research and cost reduction effects through blockchain)
  2. Production and sales of fandom goods through communication with the fandom community
  3. Corporate linked advertise
  4. We take a commission on NFT ticket transactions between users.

Challenges we ran into

We found it challenging to successfully use the World ID to "verifyProof" on-chain. The aspects that stumped us during implementation were as follows:

World ID Contract: We hadn't realized that it uses a Proxy for an Upgradeable architecture.

Starter kit: While the starter kit was available, it lacked test scripts. This made it difficult to envision the actual code interaction with the front end. As a result, it took us a considerable amount of time to realize that some of the response content needed to be ABI-decoded after mobile authentication.

Custom action: We struggled with the handling of the action_id. Certain annotations in the documents were outdated (like "proposal_id"), and there were times when, even if the encoding wasn't done as per the documentation, the behavior was still successful. We perceived a discrepancy between the actual operation and the documentation.

The way we solved these issues was by comparing the documentation and the starter kit, trying every possible pattern at hand, and pushing forward until we succeeded.