Seonwu (Stead) Kim

I am a planning PM. I am also looking for colleagues.

-Learned : Majored in Law.
Data (Python, R, Sql, Tableau, Google Analytics)
(not so much)Nodejs, JS, React, Solidity

-Certificate: Engineer Information Processing,
ADsP, MOS (Excel Expert, Powerpoint), Distribution manager 2nd Grade

-Awards :

  1. Blockchain
    Binance Hackathon planning league 1st prize,
    Kakao Ground X, and Lambda 256 contest 1st prize awards. (a little bit of Blockchain awards experience)
  • ETH_Seoul2023 (Worldcoin track 1st),
    ETH_Seoul2024 (Astar network track 1st+ Celo 2nd[Coworking]+Neon Pool+ Finalist 3rd)
  1. AI+Data
    Smart Toy AI Hackaton 1st prize
    Big data Social marketing professional course
    Analysis Report Competition 2nd prize
    Shinhan Fintech idea competition

  2. ICT+App.
    Net Impact Korea ICT Impactathon 2nd prize
    NH-KISA Metaverse-based fintech hackathon
    UX/UI Contests 1st prize


World Ticket

By applying World ID, only authenticated fans can book one ticket per person, preventing overpricing and reselling of tickets. This ultimately enables the protection of artists and consumers.Solidity, IPFS, React.js, Wagmi, WorldID

FingerCoin, the ultimate memecoin game,

Introducing a new & engaging memecoin game - mine memecoins with your fingersSolidity, TypeScript, WalletConnect, Vercel, Hardhat, Wagmi, NeonEvm, React App, Neopin wallet, AstarZkEVM katana testnet


Project Mangement
UX research and Design