WIT Space

The only community women need to create an awesome career for them.

The problem WIT Space solves

Having worked as women in tech, we ourselves witnessed that women still remain heavily undermined in the tech industry and a lot of them feel unheard in their workspaces and their contributions being given less attention due to gender bias. They have to work under constant comparison to their male peers, which shouldn’t be the case for healthy progress.
So, we came with a solution called WIT Space - a ‘women in tech’ community to boost the participation of more and more women in the tech space. This is a safe space where women can showcase their work and get constructive feedback, discuss their doubts, concerns, and grievances at their workplace, get to know about great work opportunities, and get hold of quality resources to upskill. Another addition is our dev self-care section that provides the scope of sharing tips to relax and fight anxiety and stress.

Also, to help these women in tech, resolve their code or career-related questions easily, we’ll be providing an option to send a pair programming request on the platform, such that they can be matched with some expert who can help them get blocker-free instantly. We’ll also be including some features to get more representation from women with special abilities.

Challenges we ran into

Following are the challenges we ran into:

  • We came to know about the hackathon one day prior only, so time management was a bit tricky to do. But prioritizing our features and choosing the best five features to include in the MVP, helped us to stay on track and get the whole application done on time.
  • Since all the team members participated in a virtual hackathon with each other the first time, it was difficult for us to understand each other's workflows since there was less time. But we wrote a lot of comments in the code, to ease up our communication and help each other understand one's code.