Earn rewards and meet friends while you discover Koreea

Built at ETHSeoul 2024

The problem WaWa solves

WaWa revolutionizes how millennials and Gen Z experience travel. Users earn rewards for every adventure, offsetting the high costs of flights and stays. We incentivize exploration of lesser-known destinations, boosting local economies and promoting cross-cultural exchange in Korea. WaWa seamlessly introduces Web3 to the mainstream – users can claim their first NFT reward simply by documenting their travels, eliminating the complexities of traditional crypto wallets.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest hurdle was implementing a direct token exchange system for travel rewards due to our limited blockchain expertise. We adapted by researching alternative reward structures and focused on building a seamless user experience. This resulted in robust point-based incentive and referral systems. This experience underscored the importance of blockchain, and we're eager to expand our skills for even more ambitious future projects.

Cheer Project

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