"WagerBox: Where Gaming Skill Meets Winning Thrill!"

The problem Wagerbox solves


We are building Live Esports Betting app named WagerBox with a mission to empower Gamers to Showcase their skills by providing a Betting Battle Ground with a totally new concept .

So, What's so Special About Wagerbox ??
As we Know , There are lot of web2 Betting sites WagerBox Allows Gaming Begineers as well as Gaming Professionals to be on a platform where they just don't earn by winning the bet, but also get well recognised around the space as people are staking real money on them.

User Workflow:

  1. User Connects his wallet
  2. Once authenticated, User Enters the Wager box app and creates or join the tournament.
  3. WagerBox works on Wagerboxtokens , So user can Swap , Purchase with Any tokens , Anychains , even against an NFT's. for Quiz betting.
  4. Once, the Gamer stakes for the Tournament suign wagertokens, he enters a Huddle Room which is been live streamed by the Mass Audience . The AI Bot can be used to view the stream transcript in various languages by the user.
  5. The mass Audience can Submit at max 5 Questions related to current Live Gaming stream and if the Question is selected among top 10 % by the community via voting process , then the Question creator will be rewarded with 1000 WagerTokens .
  6. The mass Audience Bets on the Available Quizes .
    Eg. For Dota 2 Tournament : Will Gamer643 powerhouse Invoker land a game-winning Sun Strike within the next minute?
    Yes / No . Whoever stakes on correct prediction get's double the amount - (10% Creator Charges + 2% Wagerbox fees)

This platform was created while keeping the gamer at the center , So that New Gamers can not only get betting rewards on winning the tournament, but also get recognition in the space . This is a entirely new Chapter , we have introduced on top of Esport's Betting and we See it as new Revolutionary Platform with a huge market Potential .

Challenges we ran into

WagerBox leverages Huddle01 for core functionality, initiating Huddle Rooms for live esports matches with AI Bot interaction. React and Websockets resolve playback and connectivity issues. Airstack employs XMTP for NFT data retrieval, facilitating seamless NFT-based betting. Arbitrum Stylus powers smart contracts for tournament management. The Safe Plugin ensures daily reward points issuance in WagerTokens. Chainlink CCIP enables token swapping across chains. Push protocol delivers timely notifications for organized tournaments. Challenges include addressing React Player and Websocket errors, ensuring smooth NFT integration, and optimizing real-time AI transcription.