Velvet 4337

Velvet 4337

Streamlining Cross-Chain DeFi with ERC-4337

The problem Velvet 4337 solves

In DeFi, users want to get the highest yield possible from different blockchain protocols. However, this requires moving their base investment assets to different chains and investing in each protocol separately. This involves multiple transactions and incurs additional gas fees, which can be frustrating from a user experience perspective.

Velvet ERC-4337 implementation solves the user experience challenge by allowing users to get the best yield/return from multiple chains without having to move their assets to another chain. This makes the process much more efficient and user-friendly.

Challenges we ran into

We integrated Connext with our asset management contract, but encountered some issues. We reached out to a Connext engineer and were able to debug the trace and resolve the issues. This allowed us to successfully integrate Connext with our asset management contract, improving its functionality and user experience.