Ekaterina Nikonova

Building a DeFi Asset Management protocol that helps people create diversified financial products across digital assets & DeFi ecosystems.

The products could be as simple as tokenized crypto portfolios and index funds, and as complex as structured products and advanced yield farming strategies.

We offer a Web3 app for regular users and “DeFi-as-a-Service” (with SDK/APIs) for institutional clients who would like to build financial products using Velvet.


Velvet 4337

Streamlining Cross-Chain DeFi with ERC-4337Gnosis Safe: As multisig wallet, EPNS: Push Notification, Valist: App listing and monetisation, Quicknode: RPC provider, LiFi: Liquidity provider, EtherSpot, Filecoin: Fleek hosting, Polygon: Index deployment, Connext: Account abstraction

Intents x Levered

On-chain leverage powered by intentsSolidity, MetaMask, AAVE, Arbitrum Rollup, FlashLoan, Gnosis Safe, 1inch