AI-based blockchain solution for healthcare systems.

The problem Vaidya_AI solves

Problem of secure data storage in healthcare.

There is disintegrated storage of medical records of a patient. There is also no proof of ownership over personal data, which is susceptible to the unethical circulation of sensitive information by the corporations holding the data in a centralized manner.

Bridge gap between research and medical application.

It is tedious for a researcher to gain access to the data in trading AI models and the research progress using the data isn't updated and publicised to the benefactors.

Problem of inadequate data in the medical field and unethical use of data in healthcare.

The problem is obtaining data from the medical systems to create a real-world, dynamic machine learning model. The data that needs to be accessed is being bought by 3rd-party companies that are making a profit out of patient's data and health records which breach the privacy of patients with a lack of taking consent for using the data.
#Lack of Direct to Consumer in obtaining data
There are no existing solutions that incentivize users to share their data in research. The 3rd-parties and medical conglomerates are profiting off the patient's data than the patient getting the benefits for sharing their personal data.

Challenges we ran into

  • Securing the patient data was our main challenge, we resolved it by using Arcana.
  • Integrating all the parts of the solution together.
  • Making the vision come true in 48 hours is the real challenge we did our best to make it come true.
  • Current prototype focuses on an individual patient to show-case the functionality of out protocol.