Trigger protocol

Trigger is a platform to onboard gamers & digital artists into the space of blockchain & web3. The ultimate game portal platform to create & trade NFTs of your favorite games and much more!

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Last updated: 03 April 2022 06:20 PM

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The problem Trigger protocol solves

Trigger helps the awesome community of gamers, digital game artists and fan artists get exposure to the space of web3 and blockchain on the highly scalable and super fast Polygon Network. It also helps in creating a community of like-minded gamers and digital artists on the decentralized web!

Benefits for Gamers 🎮️
1] Gamers can easily create portals of their favorite games that they own on popular gaming stores such as Steam or the Epic Games Store etc!
2] Gamers can also mint NFTs corresponding to that particular game portal which can also help them earn value out of their art!
3] If a gamer is a portal owner then it allows the owner to earn from each buying and selling of NFTs inside that particular portal which they own!
4] Special features & NFTs for portal owners and gamers based on in-game achievements and rewards!

Benefits for Game Artists and Fans 🎨️
1] Game artists and fans can join the game portals by buying or minting NFTs from a particular portal!
2] This will not only help them showcase their talent and affection towards their favorite games but also get to join the community of like-minded fans and game enthusiasts!
3] Users can easily host live streams corresponding to that specific game inside the portal!
4] And at last of course buying and selling of NFTs which can hugely benefit NFT holders and Portal owners as well!

Features 🌟️
1] NFT Portals
2] Revenue for Portal Owners.
3] NFT Marketplace inside Portals.
4] NFT Liquidity Pools.
5] Platform for Artists & Gamers.
6] Low-Cost NFT Minting, thanks to Polygon!

Challenges we ran into

Polygon RPC Metamask error with ether.js

Splitting rewards among staker was a problem since solidity does not support floating points.

Steam API was difficult to implement.