Sanket Marathe

Student Entrepreneur & Developer

Co-founded (a covid19 stat webapp with over 18 million users ), The Unknown X (an A.I. Startup).

Currently pursuing B.E in Computer Science and Engineering and A mentor at Dr. K. B. Hedgewar School’s ATL

An active contributor to Open-Source development, GitHub Arctic Code Vault Contributor. A part of Facebook Developers, Google Developers Group

I've just started doing crazy things with ML Libraries from Tensor Flow and Sci-kit learn and OpenCV and my previously learned python coding skills. I want to tinker as much as I can in this field to improve my skills. I feel this is a platform to test my skills and to work and meet new people with similar interests.


Corona 2020

An integrated platform to safeguard to yourself from CoronaHTML, React, Visual Studio Code, JavaScript, Adobe XD, CSS3, Adobe Illustrator, Google Forms, ArcGIS

Paper House

An NFT Platform for Researchers & Scholars. One-stop solution to mint and publish a research paper on the blockchain, explore numerous research papers, and also fund research.React, MetaMask, Redux, Web3, The Graph, Portis, Truffle, Polygon (Matic Mumbai), NFT.Storage


One platform for doctors and patients to connect, manage and make accurate health predictions.Node.js, Flask, Express.js, MongoDB, React.js

Poultry Hunter

A blockchain-based Chicken Tracker that rapidly traces bird fluReact, Rust, Web3, solana, phantom, Solflare

Trigger protocol

Trigger is a platform to onboard gamers & digital artists into the space of blockchain & web3. The ultimate game portal platform to create & trade NFTs of your favorite games and much more!Solidity, React, ethers.js, TypeScript, Hardhat


Raspberry Pi
Google Cloud Platform


  • The Unknown - CEO
    August 2019 - Present
  • IBM - Product Design Lead
    September 2018 - October 2018