Tiranga is a free and open-source application developed on top of the Polygon network. The purpose is to promote better citizenship through government-registered entities.

The problem Tiranga solves

Establishing a trustworthy certification process that cannot be tampered with or manipulated will promote civic virtue and offer fair and equal opportunities for all.

By utilizing blockchain, we are simplifying the system for the government and increasing accountability for the organizations incentivizing the certificates. This will also promote white-paper transactions and the digital inclusion of citizens.

Challenges we ran into

Major challenges we faced:

  • Developing a paradigm that Indian individuals without technical skills may readily embrace and quickly replace the current system with.
  • Our team was made up exclusively of backend developers, so it was difficult to construct the necessary frontend.
  • Writing our transaction logic over a polygon network was difficult. Even though everything was running smoothly locally, there were several failures and latency problems on the chain. It was difficult to understand the faults and resolve the issue.
  • Reward system was the problem statement in our previous hackathon. We weren't completely able to grasp the end goal behind it then, but later on, after discussing it with many friends and colleagues, we came up with the current solution that can assist the government in easily adopting the functionality.

"https://github.com/creativetimofficial/notus-react" Used the following project as a starter code for our project Frontend