A Google meet for files with the convenience of airdrop

The problem Teleport solves

Teleport solves one of the biggest problems with sharing files "Convenience" with advanced LAN discovery like airdrop but is now not restricted to apple's ecosystem and can also be used with the CLI. It also provides ease of use while sharing files to people outside of the network lets say business clients instead of using something like weTransfer where we upload files to a thirdparty to deliver to the client, teleport makes sure the file doesnt leave the premise by being P2P. Developers can use the CLI and the transfer in the CLI can be accessed in your phone in the browser. and works vice versa Teleport uses Web-RTC data channels to share files of unlimited file size without a middle man purely P2P ( Browsers connect with each other to share files No servers / storage needed ) - fully anonymous & decentralized no sign in required!

Other than our demo checkout our walkthrough video

For devs who already know existing tools like sharedrop etc, checkout our full blog on how we are perfomant and way different than others.


The whole project works via webRTC, meaning all data is transferred via P2P and no server or cloud storage is involved in the actual data transfer. However to establish a connection between two peers (devices to connect with each other directly, we need a server to negotiate network details

The server is just one small negotiator, it can run on a Linux machine with low RAM cause all we send is control raw text commands and that is all we need for handling socket connections say maybe 30,000-50,000 users concurrently.

  • Server Cost: 144$ per year * 5 = 720$
  • Custom domain: 40$
  • Stun&Turn Server: 140$

Total Cost: ~900$ for 5 years.
Bagged 1150$ Goal achieved⭐ Thank you everyone!

So all we need is just 15$/month to run Teleport and investing in our tool would help everyone in the world to experience unlimited file transfers without a limit.

Challenges we ran into

  • Switch between WebRTC streaming mode and web-torrent without losing current file transfer progress
  • Using service workers to download file data directly to the file system and enable push notifications alerts.
  • Building the hybrid module that works in both CLI and the browser

How were we able to finish this in a month in inout -

We ideated and designed the solution conceptually in our heads before the hackathon, so we were also able to start coding right when the hack started much more faster and efficiently. We had a lot of experience working in webRTC projects (https://devfolio.co/submissions/findr - Third place Devfolio onload webRTC hack) and specifically experience in building file clients before https://github.com/KuroLabs/Airshare - Airshare with 15K downloads in PIP - seeing the impact in airshare and since we werent able to solve a lot of issues with it. Teleport became our dream project and we put all of our learnings from airshare in it.

  • Kanishq became our frontendDev - The whole webClient and the CLI client
  • Myself and Kandavel started working on the hybrid library.