Kanishq Sunil

Full Stack Developer and Cyber Security enthusiast. Fluent in ReactJS and ElectronJS. Veteran hackathon participant. Have rich experience in building products from scratch and providing solutions for scaling software. I enjoy brainstorming on building robust systems and testing software. I also am passionate about designing products that are accessible to all users.



A Google meet for files with the convenience of airdropReact, WebRTC, Node, Web-Torrent


java script
Full Stack
Reverse Engineering
Web Design


  • Cognatio Solutions - Developer
    June 2019 - July 2019

    Learned how things work in a professional environment. So far, in my journey as a developer, I have worked only with my friends. Switching it with professionals, who take things serious and have a reason behind every code snippet, really helped me understand the seriousness of working in a professional environment.

  • Citibank India - Summer Analyst
    May 2020 - June 2020
    • Developed an automated continuous deployment for a transaction service which reduced downtime to less than 30 minutes.
    • Implemented a gateway to run the existing test suite and wired a heartbeat application to validate the state
      of the project before starting the testing phase.
    • Enabled developers to validate their build and push to production anytime