Swapper Swap

Swap with Swag - Gasless Swaps using ITX - Cheap and sometimes free :)

The problem Swapper Swap solves

Swapper Swap enables users to swap their tokens without having any ETH with them. It leverages the power of Infura ITX.

User's can swap token of their choice and they just have to sign the transaction and our service with ITX takes care of the rest.

We also have identified risk and mitigation techniques which will be crucial for us as a relayer service.

We have followed the Smart Wallet Relayer architecture where the user either provides with the permit signature or approves us and we create the transaction for ITX. For this, we charge a small fee on top of ITX which will be paid in output tokens of the user. The fee is charged considering the asset pack and the current gas price. We do not charge fees in percentage. So, no matter how large the swap is, you only have to pay the fee equivalent or less to the current gas price.

If the user's do not want to sacrifice their output token, they can use $SWPR token to swap. $SWPR token is minted with every swap which can be utilzied in future for FREE SWAPS. Everytime the user utilizes their $SWPR it get's burned.

$SWPR can be also traded on uniswap and used as a governance token to add more options along side Uniswap.

$SWPR will be fair launched, meaning no one will have pre-mine tokens or airdrops. To get $SWPR user either swaps or buy it from uniswap.

Thanks to ITX and Swapper, We will now have a better gasless swap service that is cheaper, reliable and fast.

PS: User's can also do concurrent trades, they don't have to wait for previous transaction to be mined. :)

Challenges we ran into

The most challenging part of the project was thinking about it's practical aspect. This led me to visit a number of solutions and ultimately figuring out the Token Economics and Risk Mitigation.