Sarang Parikh

I am really good at creating and scalling the Decentralized World Architechture and Applications. I also give talks on Ethereum and Smart Contract Security in various meetups around Banagalore. The most complex project I ever created is now patented it was brain bionic authentication using the EEG Headset, So now you can just unlock your device with your thought. My most challenging phase in life is still going as I am an Intern at Consensys and they push you to create crazy solution for the most complex problems. I also do a lot of dApp development. I create numerous of dApps and Smart Contracts including big contracts like zk-Snarks Contract, Resume Verify, Multi-Sig Wallet, Reputation System, Auction dApp,Deploy White Hat Honey Pots that teaches everyone about safe coding practice in a fun way. I am also creating a IPFS/Swarm file manager that will manage all the files you have, similar to dropbox, you can share these files and maintain it. So any change you do in the file is immediately represented in the GUI and you don't have to deal with Hassles of Hashes. Then i will connect this file manager to ETH ENS, So that you can link this file system with your Domain and it would act something like a Decentralized GoDaddy but a much more than that as it would automatically update all the files and also update the ENS, this way anybody who is new can easily on-board to this system.Being a 20 year old student it doesn't stop me teaching at various places about Ethereum Ecosystem and Golden Promises it holds for the future. From 2018 all the Hackathons i participated had Ethereum in it, mostly which i won :) by god grace. I have used Truffle for development, uPort as Identity Management and Trying to Implement Plasma chains into some of my hobby projects.



A platform for decentralised autonomous funding to empower research work by providing funds from potential creditors using Dharma Protocol and NuCypher.Solidity, IPFS, NuCypher, Firebase

nuAztec - Selective ZKP

We equip Aztec with selective privacy to allow sharing of transaction data with a set of public addresses that would otherwise only be visible to sender & Receiver with the help of NuCypher's PRE.NuCypher, AZTEC Protocol


Confidential Privacy-Preserving Lending PlatformSolidity, HTML, Node.js, JS, Matic, AZTEC Protocol

Battleship on Blockchain

Completely Decentralized Strategy and Skill based that solves various problems of games being developed in Blockchain such as Secrecy, Privacy, Governanace.HTML, CSS, JS, Matic, Marlin Protocol

Swapper Swap

Swap with Swag - Gasless Swaps using ITX - Cheap and sometimes free :)Solidity, Infura, reactjs, NodeJS‚Äč, Web3js




  • ConsenSys - Intern