Decentralized Twitch using Polygon + Livepeer

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Last updated: 02 April 2022 04:49 PM

Created project

The problem Stream solves

Streamers pay ~40% to Youtube for superchats and rely on centralized transcoding and distribution by these platforms.
Stream makes it easier for Streamers to take ownership of their streams, use Livepeer as the decentralized transcoding engine and Polygon as the decentralized tipping layer to receive 100% of the money tipped by their audiences.

Challenges I ran into

We wanted to embed superchats on top of livestreams but most gamers use OBS to stream. So we had to find a way to inject superchats on top of their videos without ever having control of the video.
We accomplished this by creating an OBS browser URL that the users can inject to their streams. The browser plugin will listen to events on the blockchin and react inject the right set of popups on the streamers video