Stormbit - Lenders to Lenders, Lenders to Borrower

Stormbit - Lenders to Lenders, Lenders to Borrower

StormBit is a pioneering project developed during ETHDENVER, designed to revolutionize consumer lending on XDC blockchain. It introduces a unique lending marketplace targeting the micro-lending sector

The problem Stormbit - Lenders to Lenders, Lenders to Borrower solves

Decentralized Governance for Loans: StormBit's unique voting mechanism allows lenders to approve or reject loans based on borrower reputation, introducing a community-driven approach to lending that's both innovative and impactful.
Seamless Web2 to Web3 Transition: By integrating Particle Auth, StormBit lowers the barrier to entry for Web2 users, offering a familiar login experience while ensuring the security of Web3, a pioneering step towards mass adoption.
Flexible Loan Agreements: Offering various types of loan agreements, including undercollateralized options, StormBit addresses a wider range of financial needs and scenarios, significantly impacting the target market.
Inclusive Financial Platform: Through KYC verification and a model that supports both collateralized and non-collateralized loans, StormBit democratizes access to financial resources, making it a game-changer in decentralized finance.

Challenges we ran into

We use OZ standards for governance and that caused a huge contract size, a TODO is to create our own governance module.

Tracks Applied (3)

Impact & Public Goods

We are trying to bring lending to small players from third world countries, some countries do lending in a dangerous way...Read More

ZBU Governance Innovation Hackathon

we use ZBU as the main token in our governance based lending protocol , it plays a crucial role in our lending pools and...Read More


Open: Most creative BUIDL using the XDC Network

we use XDC financial-focused for this protocol. Its low cost gas and blazing fast transaction speed makes the difference...Read More

XDC Network

Technologies used

Cheer Project

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