Stick Run

Endless side-scroller game with a socialisable peer-to-peer Marketplace.

The problem Stick Run solves

Stick Run is enabled with a Marketplace where the player can trade in-game tokens with other users using cryptos.
Stick Run also has a 2D endless running single player where you have to run nonstop through a setting full of two types of obstacles: high ones and low ones, so you have to be either sliding on the ground or jumping constantly.
Gameplay in Stick Run is the simplest you can find in the genre: you can control your character using Keyboard events.
With the money you earn by playing singleplayer, you can buy items from the shop and trade it using real time connections Marlin node connections which are accessed by the as3 code via parameters and vice-versa(using ExternalInterface build-in function of ActionScript 3.0). Also players can text each other using embeded Marlin protocol.

Challenges we ran into

*Integrating the frontend code(As3) with the backend code using web3.
*Moving tokens between Matic chain and Ropsten chain.
*Faced a few problems while integrating using Matic protocol.
*Trying to integrate Axie but we could'nt find it on testnet.
*CelerX connections issues.

Technologies used