Stellar Thrust

A game about two intergalactic lovers who are separated by the endless space, your quest is to find your significant other while avoiding all obstacles that the space has to throw on you .

The problem Stellar Thrust solves

Our team was a fusion of onsite and offsite hackers ( We all were separated by distance but joint by our hacker bond ), thus we came up with this idea where we are separating an alien couple and you the protagonist will have to travel across the endless space to find your significant other, facing more and more difficulties as you explore various regions of space in his/her search.

Challenges we ran into


The major problem we faced while developing this project was all our team members were from different parts of the world, not even a single one of us knew each other before the hackathon! Thus discord/git was our only way of collaboration.

Most of the team is in India, with a full twelve hour time difference that made working around rest periods especially challenging. There were also connectivity issues for some team members that limited their full participation.