• Founding Engineer at Nova Benefits
  • Fellow @ Polygon class of 2022
  • Google Summer Of Code 2020 Student Developer @ Pitivi
  • Technical Executive and Lead developer for Rubaroo'19

I am a currently working as an SDE 2 at Nova Benefits, a self taught full stack web developer and an open source enthusiast, I love the pace at which technology keeps on evolving and there's always a lot to learn, you love a framework and the next month you get a new framework even more compact than the last one and even if it is annoying sometimes but that's what keeps us getting better and better. Everyone is shifting towards a digital future and we as Computer Science engineers are at the very base of all these occurrences which intrigues me.

The most complex project I worked on was the first Open Source project I stepped into Zulip, it is an open source topic based chat platform and has a large community of about thousand developers contributing every year to maintain and develop the project. The project uses the Django framework and has desktop, terminal and mobile applications along with the web interface where I did most of my contributions ( My first open source contributions ).

I learnt on how to work in big teams throughout the winter, I got grip over Git and it's concepts as I had to use it a lot as the project is hosted over GitHub and I gained a lot of experience fixing issues throughout the term I usually contribute to the project when I have my holidays. I got a general overview of how the chat applications work as I worked on the frontend as well as backend issues at various points in the past 6 months.

I have created more than 20 mini projects hosted on my github account throughout the last year, the projects consist mostly of web applications, few basic android apps and python applications.

I have created the website for our college SRM's annual national level cultural fest Rubaroo'19 and was the technical executive for the fest. The development version is hosted at

I have attended a dozen hackathons, I love the atmosphere, we get to meet a lot of people working under different technologies and it's like a hub of sharing knowledge and gaining a lot of new insights from the fellow contestants, mentors, different ideas, starting from scratch and shaping the end product of your idea within the time limit along with the brainstorming sessions which is all very intriguing.

I worked for Pitivi as a part of Google Summer Of Code 2020 where I Refactored Pitivi's Media Library to unify Gtk.IconView and Gtk.ListView into a single Gtk.FlowBox. I introduced Tagging feature for clips accompanied by a new bottom toolbar for the Media Library and I also implemented Filtering of clips based on their tags.

During the duration I was also invited to be a judge and mentor for BitHacks.

I am a currently working as an SDE 2 at Nova Benefits and I am looking forward to working and building more cool projects : )


Stellar Thrust

A game about two intergalactic lovers who are separated by the endless space, your quest is to find your significant other while avoiding all obstacles that the space has to throw on you .


Ranking educational institutes in ascending order based on their performance in achieving each sustainable development goal.HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Microsoft Azure


split bills onchainSolidity, Node.js, JavaScript, Blockchain, Hardhat


Goal based shared wallets 💜Next.js, Biconomy SDK, Chakra-UI, Gnosis Safe, Web3Auth, EPNS


Borrow tokens by providing ETH as collateralSolidity, JS, Node, Hardhat


A decentralized social media applicationSolidity, Web3, Node




  • Nova Benefits - SDE

    Work on the product team as a Full Stack Developer.