Turning Conversations Into Actions

The problem StandNote solves

Web conferencing and online meetings have become the new work culture nowadays. But somewhere along the line, we often keep missing the crux of the discussions in these online meetings.

Our Solution💡:

StandNote is your easy to use online meeting assistant that backs you up with automated meeting minutes in every conversation. It will help you save time on board meetings, team management, and customer support so that you just focus on the conversation and never miss what’s important.

It could be used along with all video conferencing tools - Google Meet, Zoom, Blue Jeans, GoToMeeting, Teams, and more. What’s more special is that using our unique machine learning algorithms, we will extract essential Action Items, Decisions, and Crucial Insights and turn them into a comprehensive, collaborative meeting summary. StandNote will be packed with a bunch of important integrations like - Slack and Notion to further ease your work life.

StandNote also fits into the current online education scenario where most of the classes take place over online platforms like Google Meet and Zoom. We help students with quick and concise notes that help them to revise and memorize the concepts better.

Features 📖:

  • Remove the Distraction of Note-Taking.
  • Get MoM for any online and offline meeting.
  • Automatically creates a meeting summary after each meeting.
  • Analysing the ambience of a meeting.
  • Share and edit on the MOMs.
  • Dashboard to organize the MoMs.
  • Send mail to the user when the MoM is generated.
  • Easy to use markdown templates that suit the agenda of the meeting.
  • Directly push the MoM to the respective Notion Document.
  • Can be used with any video conferencing app.

Moreover, we believe in the spirit of open source and this project will always be kept open-source as there is always room for improvement and collaboration.

Challenges we ran into

  • Deciding the Workflow:

  • It was really a tedious task to plan, design, and implement our solution for a smooth user experience and workflow.

  • We faced several issues with the development of the chrome extension. We had difficulties in capturing audio from the speaker as well as the receiver.

  • For security purposes, we converted speech to text on the client-side as we wanted it to be more secure without giving any confidential information.

  • Backend Integrations:

    • Heroku being a free service provider was not able to host heavy ML models.
    • We faced issues while integrating email services to the backend.
  • Machine Learning:

    • Since texts were unstructured, we had to do heavy preprocessing to clean them.
    • It was quite difficult for us to summarize the text and make concise sentences out of them.

This idea originated during hackCBS where we tried to solve the problem faced by people while offline meetings wherein StandNote came in handy to take notes and keep a record of it, but we couldn't pull it off. However, at InOut, with the help and guidance of mentors, we were able to design and develop a solution more focused on providing cross-platform and easy to generate notes for offline as well as online meetings.

These were some of the challenges that we faced and were able to overcome, but the work still remains, we have the following future prospects in our mind that we will be implementing in the future:

Future Prospects & Expansion 📈 :

  • Voice activity recognition & Speaker separation.
  • Desktop application for meetings over desktop and native apps.
  • Integration of more tools like Slack, GitHub, Jira & Trello.
  • Voice activity recognition & Conversation Transcription.
  • Support multiple teams for a single user (teamwise dashboard).
  • Timeline (version control) for the notes.
  • Converting our Extension into a Cross-Browser Extension.