Turning Conversations into Actions

The problem StandNote solves

Meetings are one of the most essential elements of any work culture. But somewhere along the lines, we often keep missing the crux of the discussions in these meetings, and here comes our solution - StandNote. It is your easy to use meeting assistant that backs you up with automated meeting minutes in every conversation. It will help you save time on board meetings, team management, and customer support such that you just focus on the conversation and never miss what’s important.
StandNote transcribes your meetings and provides you with a summary of the meetings.
StandNote makes it easy to get the best out of a meeting so you can contribute more to the meeting and give your undivided attention.

Challenges we ran into

Building a project is never complete with some hurdles and bugs in the way, and this project was no different. While trying to turn our idea into a working model, we first got stuck with getting the voice from both mic and speaker simultaneously, with Microsoft Azure (the service we were using to get the audio from the user) giving us a lot of issues and errors, after working our way through documentation and StackOverflow, we were able to get past the problem and found the solution to it, but this was not the only hurdle, next in our way were some issues with our Machine Learning model, such as errors in getting our spacy library setup, and to get our the best out of our model was not easy. The road to getting our idea into work was not at all easy and was filled with bugs and errors, but that is one of the ways we learned a lot during this hackathon.