A web3 Music and Video player which benefits both creators and users. Creators can mint and share music and videos as NFTs.

The problem Spo3ify solves

Most content streaming platforms and record labels today take a cut from the artist for their content.
Users of these platforms have to pay a premium in order to get an ad free experience. Spo3ify is a platform which has been built keeping the artists and users in mind. We want to provide the best experience for both the users - having an ad free platform to view the content they love - and the creators - getting complete access to funds that are deservingly their's. Spo3ify is a web3 music and video player which works on a pay-per-use method in which a user can use the platform to access its content's by starting a superfluid stream to the platform, and the accumulated funds from all the users are split equally among all the creators and deposited to them at the end of each day. Creators can mint their content - music and/or video - as NFT's and users are rewared with a PoL - Proof of Listening (an on-chain NFT) for using the platform and supporting the creators. The platform has a seamless onboarding experience for both users and creators. Minting NFT's of the content is a gasless transaction - thanks to biconomy - which makes it more affordable for the users to transform their work into something which can exist on the blockchain forever.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating various sponsor SDK and API's into one platform to suit our needs. Thorough testing and deployment of smart contracts to testnets. Going through the official documentation of the sponsor products and not giving up on the idea of a platform which could potentially make a difference to the world.