Divyanshi Rajput

I am a fourth-year student at International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore, exploring my interests in computer science and mathematics. I like challenges and working on strong community projects. I spend a large part of my time exploring ideas and coming up with solutions for problems that i see. I aspire to contribute positively to the community and try and inspire my friends to do the same.

I have a keen interest in theoretical computer science, and I am currently working as a research intern at IISc Bangalore. I have built many Web2 projects in the first two years of my college and now I have started exploring Web3. The projects which I made include Video calling app, Giphy search engine, my personal portfolio, etc. I participated in a few Web3 hackathons in my last semester, and now I am looking forward to explore more about Web3. I was also awarded the Generation Google Scholarship in the year 2021.

I am also part of various clubs and committees of my college including the main elected student council of my college.



A web3 Music and Video player which benefits both creators and users. Creators can mint and share music and videos as NFTs.Solidity, remix, Biconomy, HTML/CSS, Livepeer, React.js, Superfluid, Polygon, moralis, Gelato


A Censorship Resistant - resilient - video sharing platformSolidity, JavaScript, Nodejs, React is


Play with brain, on ChainSolidity, React, Polygon ID, Safe core, Dock Cert


Aadhar-Verified On-chain voting system, Vote for changeMetaMask, remix, Scroll, anon-aadhar