Slice n Flow Protocol

Revolutionizing NFT Ownership and Payment

The problem Slice n Flow Protocol solves

The current NFT market is characterized by high-priced assets, volatile valuations, and rigid, traditional payment structures that require substantial upfront investments. These factors create financial barriers to entry, limiting participation and accessibility for many potential buyers and creators. There is a pressing need for innovative solutions that can lower these barriers, provide flexible payment options, and enable shared ownership, thus democratizing access to the growing NFT market.

These problems can be solved by Slice N Flow protocol which enables NFT marketplaces to give flexible payment options to the NFT buyers. Now buyers can stream money to sellers. During the stream the NFT is locked and share tokens representing the shares of ownership are distributed among the buyer and seller which introduces the concept of partial ownership for an NFT, Once the stream is ended confirming that the buyer paid in full the locked NFT is transferred to the buyer.

Challenges we ran into

Initially we had a different idea but the technical difficulty was too high that we were forced to switch to a different idea.

  • We had a difficulty in designing the architecture of the smart contracts to ensure security and improved benefits over the current system
  • Integrating the superfluid protocols and heavily customizing them in order to attain our goals