Manu Jasan

I'm a web3 dev @Cascadia Systems, an upcoming L1 chain on the Cosmos ecosystem.
I spend my time working with new technology, playing with latest frameworks, exploring libraries. I've won bunch of web3 bounties and hackathons and continue to participate in more.
I love web3 and the philosophy behind it.


Super Pay

DeFi payment gateway for streaming money paymentsReact, Superfluid, Polygon, Supabase, Quicknode, Push Protocol, Arcana SDk

Slice n Flow Protocol

Revolutionizing NFT Ownership and PaymentReact, Hardhat, Superfluid, Polygon, Typscript, Vite, foundry

GoldSmith Finance

CrossChain (RWA) Precious metal holdings made easy!Solidity, React, next, tailwind, foundry, RainbowKit, XDC, wanchain

Easy Login

zk login on sui chainsui chain, zk login

Fluid Finance

A set of two protocols that revolutionize how DeFi operates ( won LearnWeb3 Hackathon - Flow track )Cadence, Flow blockchain




  • Quriverse - Frontend Developer
    March 2022 - July 2022

    I had the oppportunity to work remote + onsite in Bangalore during this internship. While working at quriverse, my tasks included the following:

    • Convert the whole web app from React.js to Next.js to enable server side rendering
    • Make and style the landing page and other
      unauthenticated sections for the app.
    • Build upon the dashboard to make additional sections by integrating Redux into it.
  • Cascadia Systems - Fullstack web3 developer
    February 2023 - Present

    My work typically involves writing contracts ( solidity ) and implementing frontend apps ( React/Next.js). I love my work!

  • Content Turbine - Frontend Developer
    August 2022 - October 2022

    Content Turbine is a B2B Canadian Startup focused on delivering content and demos about niche technical topics.

    My task here is to develop the entire webapp from scratch in React.