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The problem SevaShop solves

The service sector in India faces the following problems.

  • Let’s say you want to book a slot at a barbershop near you. There is no easy way for Individuals like us to book a service near us.
  • The easiest way for services to go online right now is to list on aggregators, but doing so destroys the business’s brand and reduces margins.
  • Setting up your store with something like Shopify is possible, but it is a daunting task and quite expensive.
  • Even the businesses who have gone online find it time-consuming to make digital marketing content.

SevaShop helps any service-based business build their online stores with a simple mobile app. Our B2B application will allow businesses like salons, car workshops, etc., to create an e-commerce store in 15 secs. With multilingual and vernacular language support, we will empower tier 2 and 3 market segments to go online with ease.

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Challenges we ran into

  • Web development is something none of us had done before, so finding the right technologies and tutorials to follow was quite a task
  • GraphQL integration was something we really had to pick our brains and figure out the best solution. Specially because we were building a multi-tenant solution
  • Making a PWA was tougher than using Flutter/Kotlin, but the benefits of having a single codebase for all platforms will help us scale quickly in the future
  • Form management is kinda tricky in Frontend, even with Formik
  • The BIGGEST CHALLENGE, however, was to do all of the above along with our end semester exams

How do you feel we can improve? We're open to any feedback.
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