Level up your money game.

The problem Savemo solves

While every other industry's products were built ground up for digital, in financial services the offline processes became online processes. None of the complexity involved was reduced. So, we tend to blame people for being bad at personal finance. At Savemo, we are building financial products from the first principles for mobile.
All expenses are tracked and categorized according to merchants. Users can see all their debit card, credit card spends and even their paylater wallet spends, all within the app. Users can save towards short term, long terms goals, tax saving goals without the need to think about it.
No more looking at bank statements, no more needless research about how mutual funds and stock markets work.

Challenges we ran into

We came across many challenges:

  1. No easy way to gauge customer feedback in the middle of a pandemic. This was important to figure out what features were relevant to the user. To solve this, we made different focus groups to gather feedbacks from different channels.
  2. Change in user's spending behaviour due to pandemic. Majority of our target group moved from multiple daily transactions to a few weekly transactions.
  3. Partner institutions became slower due to reduced staff.