Varun Krishna s

I am really interested in solving complicated problems in a variety of technology stacks. I am proficient in C, C++, Python and have worked on Haskell, Clojure, Lisp and more. I work mostly on implementing algorithms and playing around with them optimizing them or fine-tuning them in C++. I also love working with hardware mostly in C to solve day to day problems. I also use C for creating parallel codes to run something that's time critical. I mostly use python for my scripting, data scraping, testing, automation tasks.

Recently I have also come to explore the blockchain space upto a certain degree, all due to the fantastic experience from ETHIndia 2.0(Top 6 Teams) and Game Oasis Bangalore(Cocos Bcx bounty winner)

I am really amazed as to how technology has transformed the world. How a really complicated distributed system finally boils down to something that can be represented in something simple as a Turing machine.How few technologies like UNIX,C ,Linux, GNU changed the world for the better. I see that technology has a lot of potential in transforming our lives. Also I am quite an Open Source nerd too :)

It gives the power to impact so many people. So many that it is even beyond our imagination. I have always wanted to work for the betterment of society. make an impact on society. And Technology I feel is the best tool for that.

I am a huge fan of computer science research and I feel that is yet another thing that drives. I love delving deep into the papers that fundamentally changed our lives today. They give me a lot of insight as to how something evolved, why, where and when.

One of the complicated projects that I embarked on was a HUGE Persistence of vision display(with support to display any kind of content). It was a real cross domain project which involved going deep into the SPI interfacing, bitbanging in communication through GPIO pins so as to get the maximum real-time perception. In fact, each LED has to be addressed in a matter of several microseconds for it to display the image properly hence we had strip almost all the bloat in raspbian and run just the code so as to get the maximum efficieny. For a radial display like pov, the cartesian format image has first to be converted to a custom polar format. We accomplished that via python script, which used the bicubic filter for approximation. We used PIL, OpenCV, and python for this task. ALL the images would be preprocessed via the batch process in the cloud and converted a custom format. This format would then be fed to the program. Then during the exact microsecond when the propeller is at a specific angle it lights a specific arrangement based on the format we created. when the propeller runs at a huge speed we feel a pseudo 3d image coming out of it.

I also have won several prizes, 2nd in MITS regional hackathon which had more than 50 teams from different states, 1st in Papyrus of ani paper presentation competition, 2nd in Codex competitive programming competition, 1st in all the competitive programming competition ever organized within the college.

I have taken my fair share in hosting events too, these include an IEEE science quiz, IEEE SHE event and also a gaming event.

I feel that being a person very strongly passionate about technology and worked with it, I could make use of such an opportunity really well!

I once tried to implement a basic cryptocurrency network in C++ with a focus on security and speed. That taught me a lot about cryptocurrency and since have been hacking on DApps and been deeply reviewing the literature on decentralized systems. Specifically understanding the security vulnerabilities they contain and how to tackle them technically. I Would really like to explore this theme in an upcoming hackathon!



Want to download a torrent? Search for torrents on the network and voila, no more censorship, ISPs blocking you, and the data stays forever.React, Redux, Matic, Torus, OrbitDB


Either you earn something or you lose nothing.JS, Lua, Rust


Tell me something I dont know.React, Flask, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


Devfolio for MUNsSolidity, React, Biconomy


Level up your money game.Flask, Dart, Docker, Python, Flutter, Figma, Amazon Web Services (AWS), PostgreSQL

Org Research

OrgResearch is an application software that helps people aggregate their thoughts and streamline them, to enable retrieval and processing of thoughts easier using the Zettlekasten technique.React, Django


Think OpenZeppelin for AuctionsSolidity, React.js

KillSwitch Engage

Deadman's switch leveraging Account Abstractionethers.js

(merkle xyz)

Merkle proof verification in Lurk, for Aptos Light ClientLurk, Aptos Light Client tests

Galactic Gridlock

surfin the chain, sufficiently decentralisedSolidity, UNREAL




  • nilenso - intern
    May 2019 - May 2019
  • savemo - data science intern
    October 2019 - Present