Saunabound: Steaming Ahead

Saunabound: Steaming Ahead

Our solution is the development of a privacy-preserving DeFi protocol. This protocol will allow the user to interact with DeFi borrow lending protocols without revealing their holdings and strategies

The problem Saunabound: Steaming Ahead solves

To interact with e.g. PWN or Aave privately. The Borrower does not have disclose what Assets he is providing as collateral, but we have proof for the Assets Value via ZK.

Users does not want to disclose what Digital Assets & Positions he’s currently holding but still want’s to interact with DeFi Borrow Lending Protocols. 

Who is impacted by this problem?

  • Fund Managers
  • DeFi Protocols 
  • Institutional / qualified Investors
  • Privacy sensitive Users

Challenges we ran into

Shielding and keeping User Funds private for each Step