Olga Abramova

I am co-founder of DAO-tooling ecosystem. I am UI&UX designer with web3 development experience. Right now building startup — DAO-tooling ecosystem. We raised $100k and raising more money right now. And do design on freelance

I participated in many Web3 and digital hackathons and acelerators
My achivements:

  • $25k grant from Innoswiss for NFT-validation tool
  • 1st place HackZurich 2022 in trackblockchain Velas + Richemont $3k (NFT-validation tool)
  • 1st place Deffinition Hack 2023 TON blockchain $3k (GamyFi)
  • 1st place Deffinition Hack 2022 Rarible — NFT marketplace $3k (Platform for crowdinvesting in NFTs)
  • $50k grant from rarible for Platform for crowdinvesting in NFTs
    -also participated in many web3 and digital hacks.
    -have some experience in acceleration programs. worked in Funding club and know how to form the pitch deck.


Caffeine Consensus

Infrastructure for large enterprises and government organizations to use their existing Public Key Infrastructure with Account Abstraction for gasless transactions without additional softwareSolidity, React, Figma, TypeScript, VCCode, chatgpt, openccl, webstore

Saunabound: Steaming Ahead

Our solution is the development of a privacy-preserving DeFi protocol. This protocol will allow the user to interact with DeFi borrow lending protocols without revealing their holdings and strategiesSolidity, React, JavaScript, Figma, Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs), TypeScript, PWN, Railgun, EF: Privacy and Scaling


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
UI/UX Designing