Sandesh Protocol (सन्देश)

Sandesh Protcol allows frontend engineers to add on-chain messaging without need to worry about Smart Contracts, IPFS, ENS or Encryption.

The problem Sandesh Protocol (सन्देश) solves

Today's messaging platforms have several major problems that makes it hard to rely on them:

  • Centeralisation: These platforms are centralised and have the control over your data and often censor the content. This means even you and your friend are chatting but the data is owned by these platforms.
  • Unsafe: These platforms have all user data over servers and hackers are able to steal it, compromise your privacy and these platforms also show ads on your privacy.
  • Walled Garden: No alternative UI to engage with your friends if these platform blocked you.
  • Less transparency: They hardly provide transparency in APIs for developers to understand how they manage the data.

So we have decentralised Social Dapps that comes here, but most of them today don't support messaging. So I built an on-chain messaging protocol that allow even frontend developers use the JS SDK and create decentralized chat apps.

They don't need to worry about smart contracts, IFPS, Name Services and others. All managed by the SDK and its contracts.

Challenges I ran into

Integrated IPFS / Filecoin and indexed messages for different conversations.
I have also added support for multi dapps so that they can easily filter conversation related to their platform.

It's full configurable any name service can be added in minutes.