Tushar Ojha

A tech & opensource enthusiast with a good history of working with Startups and MNCs. Worked on technologies like Flutter, React / React Native, Android (Java/Kotlin) & MERN. I am highly passionate about Blockchain & Web3. I love learning new technologies and giving back to the community through YouTube, Webinars, & Masterclasses.

Recently, I won ETH India for building a CI / CD tool that helps developers backup their projects on to web3 infrastructure.



Providing personal yoga assistant to everyone, anytime, anywhere and on any device.TensorFlow, Machine Learning, Flutter, Posenet


A decentralized way to create and donate to campaignsHTML, React, CSS, JavaScript, Polygon, moralis


Create donations campaigns on the Blockchain.Solidity, React, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Truffle, Polygon


Secure developer contributions on-chain using Sadaiv CISolidity, IPFS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Polygon, Polygon ID


Incentivizing people for donating on the polygon blockchain.Solidity, IPFS, React, Next.js, TypeScript, Ethereum, Truffle Suite, Polygon

Gift a Matic

Blockchain-based donation platform that incentivizes people for their donations.Solidity, React, Next.js, Smart Contract, TypeScript, Hardhat, Truffle

Sandesh Protocol (सन्देश)

Sandesh Protcol allows frontend engineers to add on-chain messaging without need to worry about Smart Contracts, IPFS, ENS or Encryption.Solidity, IPFS, TypeScript, Unstoppable Domains, Filecoin, alchemy, Spheron

Sadaiv C.I. (सदैव)

A continuous integration pipeline that backs up your GitHub contributions on the Decentralized Network without you worrying about it.Solidity, JavaScript, TypeScript, The Graph, Github Actions, Filecoin, StackOS

Sadaiv ID

Build on-chain developer identity & reputation protocolSolidity, IPFS, JavaScript, Flutter, Polygon

Samarpit App (समर्पित)

Samarpit helps elderly people from rural areas who can't read & write to understand english documents in their native language through verbal QAs.Flutter, Text-to-Speech, google cloud, Google ML Kit, chatgpt, Speech-to-Text


Unleash Your Imagination, Forge Your Storyline, Collect NFT Memories!OpenAi, AI, Game, dall-e, flow, GenAI


AI powered text-based RPG game with NFT memoriesSolidity, AWS, OpenAi, Text-to-Speech, Hardhat, Avalanche


Blockchain Development
React Native


  • StartWithGenesis - Backend Development Intern
    August 2020 - September 2020

    Developed an online chatting server (Bditto).
    • Features include realtime chatting, group rating, media uploading, digitalocean deployment
    • TechnicalAid: NodeJS, MongoDB, Express & Socket.io

  • Fashn.me - Mobile App Development Intern
    January 2020 - March 2020

    • Developed a Fashion Social App inspired by Instagram & Tiktok
    • The app Patang is currently live on the google playstore with 500+ active users.
    • Technical Aid: React Native, REST APIs & Redux