Résumé Weekend

Not just a portfolio builder, but a complete integration with your Github workflow.

The problem Résumé Weekend solves

Often developers choose to build a portfolio for their work, and that portfolio or online résumé is separate from their programming workflow and especially separate from their Github. We aim to provide an environment where the Portfolio, the Github, and a Cloud IDE for coding, are all in one place

Challenges we ran into

About the bugs, there were several CORS-related issues during the calls to the API. We spent a total of 4-5 hours just fixing CORS issues! It is crazy but that happened because we were using the VueJS app and PHP API on the same domain but a different port. Numerous other issues were there but there is nothing that a little StackOverflow can't solve :)

Another challenge was to manage the database flow for our custom portfolio-hosting and the user's Github account plus an optional Codiad Cloud IDE we were planning to implement but ran out of time.