Acquire Publications houses with their Lens-based-publication as NFTs.

The problem Quire solves

Have you ever considered how acquiring a company in the Web3 world could look? 😮🌐 Let's imagine a highly renowned Lens blogger who decides to sell their blog posts to a different company. 💼💻

Now, how can they go about this? Without revealing their private key 😬🔐, there are currently no other viable options. Fortunately, with token-based accounts, we can capitalize on the advantages of NFTs, such as uniqueness and transferability. Thanks to our skilled engineering team, we can transform the blogger's blog into an FT (fungible token) by leveraging technology like ERC-6551. 🚀🔁

Here's how it works: when someone expresses interest in buying the blog, the blogger can simply list their blog for sale. The beauty of composability in Solidity, the programming language used for Ethereum smart contracts, takes care of the rest. This means that the necessary processes and interactions for the acquisition can seamlessly occur, making the transaction smooth and efficient. 🤝💫

Challenges we ran into

Many 😅

  1. We needed to understand the Lens metadata standard to be fully compliant
  2. Setup frontend so we can test it via Goerli
  3. Bend smart contracts to achieve the goal
  4. Understand 6551 so we are sure that we are on the right track