Ryoko I

Project Management, planning and conceptual understanding of crypto technology.



Introducing a security-centric, hardware-based iOS wallet app that delivers a near-institutional grade solution to individuals at a significantly reduced cost.Solidity, Swift, iOS, TypeScript, EF: Account Abstraction, ERC4337, Secure Enclave, Biometric Authentication, iCloud Keychain


Acquire Publications houses with their Lens-based-publication as NFTs.The Graph, Gnosis Chain, Lens Protocol, Optimism, Mantle, Scroll, TAIKO, BASE, zkSync, MAKER DAO

Pay The Way

Paving the way to a new financial system based in crypto. A way for small business owners to receive payment with almost negligeable transaction fees.Vue.js, GitHub, Gnosis Chain, Gnosis Safe

Daskalos - 다스칼로스

Daskalos: An interactive playground for transaction validation, offering Web2 developers a no-code, concept-driven learning experience through incremental gameplay.Scaffold-eth, Frontend - React, Game logic - Paperclips