The idea is to store all the important documents related to a user and all the certificates awarded to the user in a tamper-proof manner such that each document can prove its validity.

The problem Praman solves

Today we face a major issue of handling documents safely once lost they are pretty hard to generate and another issue is proving the validity of the certifications or documents.
We've built a blockchain-based App where users can store the document's and important certificates on the blockchain in a tamper-proof manner such that their validity can be proven to whoever is giving the user's profile and that the documents haven't been tampered with it and proven.

so to use the app you have to sign in either as a user or as a certifier now let's say if you are a user and you want some certifier to validate any document which you have uploaded on your profile then you can request him to do so.
Or if you are a certifier then you can send a certificate to a user and its upon the user with he accepts it or if he declines it the user has the option to either accept the certificate to decline the certificate.

Challenges we ran into

There were new a lot but a few issues we had but nothing major. Mostly they were the decisions regarding how this app should be built further.