Poultry Hunter

A blockchain-based Chicken Tracker that rapidly traces bird flu

The problem Poultry Hunter solves

While the Poultry supply chain becomes more complex, the Rapid Tracing of bird diseases like bird flu becomes near to impossible, in most cases it takes months! And long tracing time leads to:

  1. Significant loss to the entire supply chain.
  2. Delay in containment.
  3. And above all increase in disease transmission both in humans and birds.

Complexity in the food-related Supply chains also introduces economic inefficiency at every point of transactions, be it a poultry farmer or a distributor.

Therefore, a decentralised system is required that tracks every point of Poultry transaction with an intuitive rather technology minimal medium that can trace bird disease as well as maximise efficiency in operations at every level, from Poultry farm to Chicken Butcher/seller.

Introducing Poultry Hunter, a blockchain-based farm to butcher/seller chicken tracker that rapidly traces bird flu while also providing a platform to maximise operational efficiency. Poultry Hunter is built over state-of-the-art Solana-developed Blockchain, which makes the entire platform foolproof!

To make the chain effective we need enrolment at every level (Farmers, Distributors, Sellers) where poultry transactions can be recorded, and hence, Poultry Hunter maximises platform enrolment by:

  1. Cutting Down the distributors’ labour cost by providing access to accounting and management tools.
  2. Providing a one-stop marketplace to both Distributors and Farmers.

We believe that the inclusion of Poultry Hunter in the poultry supply chain will not just benefit the community and public health but will bring in dramatic operational efficiency to every stakeholder in the supply chain resulting in maximum economic efficiency and output, with minimal manpower!

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge was making the entire platform inclusive. Irrespective of the users technological background our entire platform must be:

  1. Intuitive
  2. Quick to Operate
  3. Accessible

Some team members’ laptops didn’t support AVX2 which prevented us from running the network locally. Therefore leaving us the only option of deploying on devnet everytime.

Solana is a high-performance blockchain. But like every software development process, we faced numerous challenges.

Coming from Ethereum, the low-level memory management required in Solana (which is also a good thing as it helps it in reducing the block time to as low as in milliseconds) was quite challenging for us, Since passing data to the Solana blockchain has to be in byte form the serialization and deserialization of more complex custom data structures which were required for our project was a bit challenging to understand since there weren't any good/direct examples. We almost overcame it by browsing numerous earlier projects built on Solana just to get an idea of how it could be achieved.