Pollen Protocol

OpenZeppelin for the Lens Protocol

The problem Pollen Protocol solves

The Lens Protocol recently launched on the mainnet in May. It has as a very extensible module ecosystem for all of its operations, like Follow, Comment, Collect as Collectible, and Resharing mecahnics.
Even after this,

  1. There is no standard way to develop and propose a custom module to the ecosystem
  2. There are no standard modules that should be there by default for users to use

Pollen's Suite of Modules are developed as standard modules that a user will want to use in the Lens Ecosystem.

The other part of the project is the Pollen Protocol.
Since the Lens Team manually needs to whitelist new modules, the modules will be first enabled on my own fork of Lens which can serve as a ground for battle-testing the modules before proposing it as standard to the Lens Community.

Challenges I ran into

I have had three pivots around my idea since the inception. The main issue was understanding how a social network like Lens works and then understanding the internals of the protocol to develop my modules for it in the right manner.