PodCast Studio


The problem PodCast Studio solves

In the current pandemic, people who were willing to perform on stage have been pushed behind. It has taken a huge bite on the entertainment industry where the livelihood has been snatched. In such a scenario, podcasts have played a huge role in entertainment and spreading awareness.

A PodCast is not something that is spoken in a room to an audience. Interviews, Conversations, Late-night shows, Fiction, and non-fiction storytelling, as well as video and live podcasts, Radio FM, Devotional Speeches, Speaking for Spreading Awareness and even a StandUp Comedy can be done as a PodCast. But there aren't many applications/software that promote or support PodCasts. PodCasts are available in Applications that are used to listen to music however they are being overshadowed by the music part.

So, under Open Innovation:- We have developed a Social Media Platform that is dedicated only to Podcasters. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, In our website, industries related to entertainment like radioFM, standup-comedy, speeches, awarness(and others which pushed back due to current situation) can be uploaded as a podcast audio. Users can follow and donate to the Channel of their choice. In this way people can experience all the fun which they were missing till now from their home itself.
PodCast Studio is a very light weight application which can be accesed by anyone.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Connecting CockroachDB to PHP scripting language.
  2. Retrieving and Uploading the Data to CockroachDB by PHP.
  3. Making sure the audio quality is good.
  4. We faced issue in tackling multiple types of audio like .wav, .mp3, So due to this we confined it to .mpr files only.