PlayAstra is a Decentralised Community Governed Quiz and Knowledge Platform

The problem PlayAstra solves

PlayAstra is an Decentralised Community Governed Quiz and Knowledge Platform for setting up quizzes to test your knowledge on different fields like Esports, Soccer, etc against other users and earn rewards in the process. It is run entirely by the commnunity and created by the community for the community.

Most quiz platforms are run by a centralized system who might not have the knowledge that fans who spend tons of time on their favourite sport. PlayAstra lets users submit questions into a pool which need to be approved by the community DAO in a unique voting system. Quizzes are then automaticaly created picking random questions from the pool. Users can play these quizzes by staking an amount. Top 3 highest scorers who finish first gets the pool amount. Question contributors are rewarded with extra points which they can use to get a boost in playing quizzes.

Winners of each quiz is also awarded an NFT from PlayAstra. These have unique abilities. Users can in the future use thse to play against each other as a game. The NFTs are also used to track leaderboards and scores.

At PlayAstra, Community is the King , Community Decides Which questions to Pick ,Questions has potential to get staked by forming Quizes.

For Live events like Esports matches, users can post bets which predict an outcome and winner takes all.

At PlayAstra, Everyone is equal in a level playing field using decentralized governance

Challenges we ran into

Each question needs to be approved by users but they should be unaware of what kind of question they are approving. The questions have to be relevant to the topic. For example in the League of Legends category all questions need to be related to league of legends. The community needs to approve it wthout knowing the answers added by the user or the question itself if possible. Trying to implement a Zero Knowledge verification for this to happen was a major challenge.