Redefining Decentralized Payments

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Last updated: 25 March 2022 07:09 PM

Created project

The problem PayStream solves

PayStream provides an all-in-one platform to manage one time and streamed payments along with generating payslips, invoices, certificates. We also provide Zaps feature to allow users to create custom payment pages from where they can manage registrations, subscriptions, collect fees and many more with the custom components provided by PayStream.

With an easier platform to manage payments and track salaries will provide enterprises a better reason to switch to crypto payments without much hassle as most of the transactions will be automated and cheap as compared to previous crypto payment solutions. With Superfluid and IPFS integrations, and being deployed on Polygon Network makes PayStream one of the best DeFi Solutions.

Use Cases :

For Competitions and Hackathons :

  • Upload Certificate to IPFS and send to recepient
  • Send Prize money in form of MATIC
  • Send NFT certificates (Feature under-development)

For Organizations :

  • Generate and store Payslips in IPFS
  • Stream MATIC over months just paying gas fees only one time
  • One-Time Payment Option also available

For Creators and Events :

  • Create custom Payment Pages using Zaps
  • Share embedded link your website
  • Manage Fan Subscriptions/ Fan support Page

Future Plans :

  • Create easier log-in page supporting Email/Google/Apple-ID
  • Mint and Transfer NFT Certificates
  • Integrate a complete employee management database
  • For Creators connect subscriptions with Discord Bots
  • For Events implement NFT tickets
  • For Enterprises create a more fluid experience to deal with salaries. For eg. to withdraw salary early the amount will be deducted from the streaming fund without needing of permission from a centralised authority

Challenges I ran into

Learning to work with Superfluid SDK from scratch was a big challenge which took a big time to setup everything and connect it to Polygon Testnet and making it work with rest of the Dapp. Eventually after several failed attempts, the integration was successful and payment streaming could be done.

The Dapp being deployed on Spheron network, the existing BrowserRouter in react-app were causing bugs to occur in links which was then replaced with HashRouter which became a bit of a trouble to set-up due dependency issues, nut was eventually solved.

And at last, one of the major hurdles was managing end semester examinations along with offline reopening of the college which took up a major chunk of time. However, everthing was nicely taken care of and could deliver my project on time, polished and ready to use as much as I could.