Archisman Das

gm Everyone,
Archisman here, I'm currently diving into the world of Decentralised Finance and exploring different aspects of it, the ways it can be made more accessible to the users, more secure and efficient that its current state. Mainly my focus has been working on payment streams for which I'm working on implementations of EIP-1620 to make ERC20 native streams. Also trying to make under-collateralised loans as safe as possible using the magic of streams. The above which is the base of the current project I'm buidling.

A bit about how i got into web3, it's almost a year and a half back when i stumbled across various YouTube channels regarding Blockchain development which caught my attention being a new and growing industry, and it has been a great journey since then. Going to hackathons (winning many of them subtle flex 😝 ), attending meet-ups, meeting some the amazing people. Web3 ecosystem has really helped me to grow as a developer and hugely thankful for it.

Regarding my academics, Im currently in 2nd year of my B.Tech in CSE from SRM University,Chennai.


Unified eKYC Consortium

The KYC system powered by the security of Blockchain and flexibility for your easeSolidity, Ganache CLI, JavaScript, Web3, Ethereum, HTML/CSS


Providing supporting in Emergencies, AlwaysReact Native, Firestore, Firebase Authentication


The KYC system powered by the security of Blockchain and flexibility for your easeSolidity, Ganache CLI, JavaScript, Web3, HTML/CSS

CrowdChain - Blockchain CrowdFunding

Being Kind is Being TransparentSolidity, IPFS, React, JavaScript, Infura, Ethereum, web3j, Ropsten


Fast, Secure, DecentralizedSolidity, Ganache, HTML/CSS, Web3js


Redefining Decentralized PaymentsSolidity, IPFS, React, ethers.js, CSS3, Ethereum, web3j, Truffle Suite, Bootstrap​, Superfluid


Hackathon with a twist of CryptoSolidity, IPFS, ethers.js, Ganache, web3j, React.js, Truffle Suite


Hackathon with twist of a CryptoSolidity, IPFS, Ethereum, Ganache, React.js, Truffle Suite

Wave Finance (Previously Salaried3)

The most Flexible ERC20 native money streaming protocolSolidity, Node.js, JavaScript, The Graph, Tailwind CSS, Hardhat, Covalent


Fast,Secure,DecentralisedSolidity, Ganache, web3j, HTML/CSS


The Swaping that's off that's worldNode.js, ethers.js, Etherscan, web3j, React.js

Undercollateral Borrow against Future SalariesSolidity, React, Tailwind CSS, Hardhat, Covalent

Undercollateral Borrow against Future SalariesSolidity, React.js, Hardhat, Covalent

ASAP Finance

Universal Gateway to your web3 worldSolidity, JavaScript, reactjs, Graph, ENS, EPNS, Router


MetaMask with security on steroids (OTP-2FA + Transaction Simulation)MetaMask, Next.js, TypeScript, ethersjs, MetaMask Snaps

Word Wallet

Web3 transactions in a lineNext.js, ethers.js, TypeScript, OpenAi, Tailwind CSS, Biconomy, chakraui


Unifying wallet access everywhereJavaScript, TypeScript, sdk


Private transactions on your fingerprintsJS, Rust, Ethers, FHE


Realtime Rewards for staked assets.Solidity, ethers.js, TypeScript, Hardhat, Superfluid




  • vakilsearch - Blockchain Developer Intern
    June 2022 - September 2022
  • EPNS - Backend Developer
    October 2022 - Present