Paymaster as a Service

A solution for DAPPs to sponsor gas fees to increase their user's experience

The problem Paymaster as a Service solves

As we all know one of the biggest UX blockers in onboarding a user is gas fees. Onboarding the user in web3 is tough, it is super irritating to expect the user has the native token of the blockchain at all times. This creates a layer of friction for DAOs when users are interacting with them. A lot of layer 1 & layer 2 solutions are working on reducing the gas fees, but the user will still need to have the native token in their wallet.

Well no more, we have Account Abstraction (AA). With AA, DAPPs will be able to sponsor the user's gas fees and enable a gasless experience for their users. A DAPP must deploy and maintain a paymaster contract which will pay gas fees on behalf of the user. But deploying & maintaining your own paymaster would require a lot of resources for every organisation. A DAPP will also have to integrate with every smart contract wallet individually which increases the work needed for the organisation.

To solve the problem of developing, maintaining & integrating a paymaster I present the solution PAAS (Paymaster as a Service). This will provide you with an easier way to sponsor gas fees for users.

Challenges I ran into

Documentation: EIP-4337 is still in the beta phase and lacks documentation and there are a lot of areas which are still unexplored.
Wallet integrations: Every paymaster contract has to individually integrate with a paymaster. Currently, I am integrating with Stackup, but the lack of documentation for it's smart contracts is also a challenge as of now.

Technologies used