Garvit Khatri

In 2005, when I was in 6th grade, my father started an assembly business. As his first hire, I would jump around the house and ping him to understand how he assembled PCs and installed software. Since then, computers have been a constant in my life.

The first breakthrough for me in software development was becoming a senior contributor to the XDA community in 2012. Back then, I helped with patching and releasing ROMs for my Android phone. Over the next few years, I was keen to get involved with open source technologies & understood the importance of community. I have been a GSOC student & mentor on an open-source scientific plotting tool developed by KDE. Furthermore, I have passively contributed to multiple projects, such as Typo3, Firefox, Python, EasyWikiRead, etc.

In addition to open source, I also loved creating products that would solve people's problems. When I was in my first year of college, I launched an app that helped people order food online. The first quarter saw 100+ restaurants onboard and 50+ transactions per day. The lack of business acumen prevented us from scaling it, but it laid the foundation for the startup bug.

As a software engineer, I worked for Zomato and Adobe for about 3 years before trying to build something on my own. Many Indian clients needed help digitizing their processes, so I saw an opportunity in business process automation. My company built modules/apps which could be used as plug-in/plug-out styles to digitise a multitude of processes. DLF, Cigna, Max Bupa and others have created a number of processes using our software. After a successful exit, I went on to build an ed-tech startup to help small business owners upskill.

Almost a year back I started exploring web3, the ethos and strong community brought back the nostalgia from my open-source days. I instantly started digging deeper.  My focus has been on studying the underlying tech, learning Solidity, how to interact with smart contracts, wallets etc. As part of a project to help people invest and track their DeFi investments, I started writing scripts to fetch data from multiple protocols on both EVM compatible & non-compatible chains. Today I feel I am at a point where I can again find a mentor in web3 who can help me grow at a faster pace so that I can contribute to building the infrastructure that will help the next generation of web3 Dapps and DAOs.


Proton Labs

We are building infra for Dapps to create Smart Contract Wallets to onboard the next wave of users. The solution is completely non-custodial and doesn’t require any change in Dapp’s smart contract.Solidity, Account-Abstraction, EIP4337, Smart Contract Wallet

Paymaster as a Service

A solution for DAPPs to sponsor gas fees to increase their user's experienceSolidity, React, Hardhat


Cross Chain Ecosystem - A Piece of Cake. Now every developer can create zaps to execute multiple transactions for their users with a few clicks.Solidity, React, Nodejs, Spheron, EPNS, EIP-4337, Account Abstraction, Relayers, Smart Contract Wallets


Privacy-Protecting Crypto Airdrops with Zero Knowledge ProofsSolidity, Nodejs, Cairo, Circom, Snarkjs