Paper House

An NFT Platform for Researchers & Scholars. One-stop solution to mint and publish a research paper on the blockchain, explore numerous research papers, and also fund research.

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Last updated: 08 August 2021 12:17 PM

Minor Changes

The problem Paper House solves

Much of the world is yet to be introduced to cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and NFTs. Our aim with this project is to onboard researchers and scholars to the world of crypto and introduce them to DeFi, Blockchain.

A Researcher can Mint and Publish their research papers on Paper House. Minting validates the research paper, keeping the originality of the paper linked safely with the Author, which would help prevent Piracy & duplication of Research Papers. Researchers can also be funded right on the same platform. Many research works get dropped due to lack of funding and support, Funding Research Papers on Paper House would motivate the researchers to carry forward the research work.

For scholars, Paper House is a one-stop platform that provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature and also fund researches which have a great potential

In near future, we’re planning to add various features to our platform like Up-Vote & Down-Vote Papers, De-list paper from our home page, Get crypto rewards for reading research papers, and also much-needed features like Verifying the Authenticity of Research papers, Report Paper, Comments Section, Filter for adult content, Getting crypto rewards for reading research papers and Subscription-based on-demand service to get more insights about a research paper so that researchers can get monetized.

Challenges we ran into

We encountered numerous challenges while building the project, basically building the whole project was itself a challenge since we were new to blockchain and were in a process of learning the basics.

One of the challenges that we had was to get the data from the blockchain. Once we were introduced to TheGraph it changed everything. It was so easy to use and extremely powerful which helped us a lot in querying our data from the blockchain using powerful GraphQL queries which made things unchallenging.

Another challenge was to Where were we supposed to store our NFTs? NFT Storage was a great option for that which helped us to store all the NFTs that were minted on our platform.

Along with these major challenges, there were a lot of small small common bugs while building the UI that were solved over time, which in turn helped us a lot to know more about how to tackle such bugs if we encounter them in the future and of course helped us to improve our skills as hackathons are the best ways to improve our skills and learn new things.