Make money being right.

The problem Pachisi solves


So we looked at various prediction markets in space and realised they weren't very user friendly and decentralised. So we thought to build a Market which is completely decentralised and is very easy to use.

Also we didn't wanted to have funds laying around in contract doing nothing so we used aave to make APY from the locked money.

What it does

Users to be able to bet on various things like:

  • Asset Prices
    • Cryptocurrencies
    • Stocks
  • Random Number Games
    • 7Up 7Down
    • Odd Even
  • Custom (Any Prediction started by users)

NFT betting

  • Users can bet with Non fungible tokens.
    • They can place a 1 to 1 NFT bet
    • Where the NFTs will be locked in a contract and the winning person gets both NFTs.

→ We have used Chainlink's Infra

  1. Alarm Clock
  2. PriceFeeds
  3. Tingo EOD Equity price
  4. VRF

→ We also use AAVE for generating APY from locked funds.

In future we plan to support 1 to multiple NFT bets and using NFT sharding we plan to support fractional NFT Betting

Challenges I ran into

Getting the NFT betting part working is a bit tricky.

Technologies used